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Stand Up Writing. Class 5

before I begin, if you have the chance, check out my recently published novel “The Angel’s Claw.” It’s on my web site,  check it out please. I’m also having a Stand Up Writing work shop beginning September 8th in Edmonton. E mail me at paulsveen@shaw if you’re interested.

Alright, I made the first 4 instalments of this blog “too my page.” Why? Because I’m Paul Sveen. That’s what I do. We talked about: 1) premise (idea) 2) emotions within the premise. 3) Statements about the premise. ( These will become the punch line) 4) Q and A, Asking and answering questions about your premise. (These will also become  material but it’s more developed because it comes from different perspectives. Different points on the circle.)
5) Punch Words. In any joke, there’s a single word that triggers the explosion. In joke writing, this is the PUNCH WORD. This word is usually where most people ruin jokes, in the telling and writing.

So lets compile the key words that are associated with a picnic: blanket ( blankly is funnier) basket ( do you se the misdirection with this word?) wine ( more misdirection) Sarcasm is the most used vehicle for STAND UP COMEDY  but MISDIRECTION is the gold. Misdirection is where the audience doesn’t see the punch word coming . Lets try using the word WINE.

1st, everyone thinks you’re talking about the stuff you drink. The MISDIRECTION would come in another usage of the word: WHINE! I played with Q and A and arrived at

“I’m a prude when it comes to picnics. no wine! I hate the constant. ‘it’s raining, the duct tape hurts, why do you have a shovel?”

Look at your punch words and try some misdirection.

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