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How to write a joke. Class 2

Before we begin class 2, I’d like to mention that I’m having a Stand Up Writing work shop beginning September 8th in Edmonton. The class is 5 weeks . If  you’re interested, E mail me for details at paulsveen@shaw.ca Or message me on face book.                                                                                                                    We chose the premise, picnic, or I chose the premise “picnic.”  It’s a rather lifeless premise but a good place to begin. I like emotion in a joke. Usually the darker the better. I also like MIS- DIRECTION, which I cover in my writing class.

First, we located the emotion of our premise. Second, lets choose some statements that convey HOW WE FEEL about our premise.

PICNIC: they’re so much trouble. they’re for couples who just met on plenty of fish. Where do you find a red and white checkered blanket? Where do you find a wicker basket, a spot under a tree next to a creek.  We’er going to be stabbed by the Zodiac killer.

1)Keep writing down your statements. 2) As any and all ideas bubble up with in you, no matter how out there, write them down! 3) Who ever else is in your picnic: date, spouse, pet, tree, bug, sky, GIVE THEM THEIR OWN VOICE , write down statements from THEIR PERSPECTIVE.