Daily Archives: July 10, 2014

Comedy carved out my first book.

Im, sitting here the day after my book was launched on amazon.com.  I clicked on my book cover, saw the story synopsis and instantly thought of all the times I was in a rental, or in the back of a comedy club telling someone about the book I was writing, and all the while thinking I was just talking out of my hat.

Well, it’s out there. “The Angel’s Claw.” my first book is out there, and every word was heavy lifting, every word was as if I was walking up hill toward some far off distant summit.

But, somewhere in me, I had this passion to carve the story out of me and most of it, I learnt to write from stand up comedy. I wrote a gruesome novel about Angel’s ( I know angel’s isn’t supposed to be capitalized but I’m capitalizing it anyway out of respect for Angel’s)

Any who, where was I.  Oh yah, stand up taught my the power of energy and emotion and how to embed that into a stanza paragraph or chapter. Stand up taught me timing, misdirection, story!!! I wrote a book about  a demon-apacocolyps and the chops I learnt in road side bars, night clubs and working on my set in the back of coffee shops was a large part of it.

Thank you everyone who reads my book. I’m honoured, honestly truly humbled you’d read my book! But I also need to thank humour! Without you, without the ability to laugh at myself and not to take me so seriously,  I wouldn’t have had the courage to write my first novel. Thank you readers, and thank you comedy Gods.